ERIE, Pennsylvania - March 1, 2019 - Today, metal building products manufacturer, Kane Innovations, published their updated Sterling Dula brand architectural railing binder which is tailored to fit the specific needs of architects and general contractors.  The binder, available now for download on, is a comprehensive, resource-rich overview of all standard Sterling Dula railing systems. 

The following architectural railing systems are featured in the binder:

-Two-line Classic Aluminum Picket Railing
-Three-line Contemporary Aluminum Picket Railing
-Two-line Colonial Aluminum Picket Railing with Pass-through Pickets
-Two-line Chesterfield Glass and Aluminum Railing
-Three-line Chesterfield SP Glass and Aluminum Railing
-Post-supported Glass and Aluminum Railing
-Wire Mesh Aluminum Railing
-Perforated Panel Aluminum Railing
-Aluminum Pipe Railing
-Custom Railing Sampling / Glass, Aluminum and/or Stainless Steel

Kane Innovations' Sterling Dula railing binder also includes a variety of compatible top rail shapes and components.  

Railing system specifications in Microsoft Word (.docx) and details in AutoCAD (.dwg) formats are available via the "Specs+Details" section of Kane Innovations' website or can be found on each individual railing product page.

The 2019 binder replaces the previous version, which was originally published in 2014.