Vantage Partition - 13 Gauge

Kane Detention's corrosion-resistant, 13 Gauge Stainless Steel Vantage Partition Barrier can be found in showers, kitchens, or in other areas exposed to an abundance of moist air or water.

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Vantage Partition - 13 Gauge

Vantage Partition - 13 Gauge

Medium Security Barriers

Like the 12 Gauge Steel Vantage Partition, the 13 Gauge Stainless Steel Vantage Partition Barrier offers incredible strength in all medium-security areas.  Its 13 gauge, welded steel frames and woven, steel lock crimp rods provide unmatched barrier protection in segregation areas, prisoner transport elevators, stairwell partitions and/or other areas in and around corrections facilities.

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Stainless Steel X-P13-Z
Stainless Steel X-PU3-Z

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