When the time comes in the design phase to specify glass and aluminum balcony railings for your high-rise multifamily residential, mixed-use, or hotel property, it's difficult to know where to begin.   The options are vast - from ornate waterjet-cut infill panels and classic picket options, to crisp and clean structural glass systems. 

Below are four ideas to get you thinking "outside the box" and spark your creativity in preparation for your next project:

1. Multi-Line Aluminum and Glass Railing

A basic, two-line glass railing is nothing short of eye-catching.  However, when one or more horizontal lines is added to this standard system, the whole look transforms in an instant - from ordinary to extraordinary.   

Pictured:  4-Line Chesterfield Glass Railing

2. Custom, Waterjet-Cut Railing

Architects who appreciate a wrought iron look for balcony railings are often drawn to systems with waterjet-cut aluminum infill panels, due to easy customization and the rust-resistant properties of the metal.  With help from high-tech equipment such as an in-house waterjet cutting machine, railing manufacturers can create virtually any pattern imaginable - from intricate swirls, to sharp angles and corners.   Railing panels are then finished in a black powder coat or Kynar for an installation that really "pops" against the facade.

Pictured:  Custom Aluminum Waterjet-Cut Balcony Railing

3. Aluminum Railing with Pass-Through, Collared Pickets and a Custom Waterjet Cut Feature

It's amazing how just a few extra touches can elevate a pass-through picket railing system design.  Custom add-ons called "collars" can be welded onto pickets as shown in the photo below. For this particular application, a waterjet cut horse and rider were placed in the center of each panel to match the equestrian theme of the resort. 

Pictured:  Aluminum Colonial Railing with Picket Collars and Custom Waterjet-Cut Center Feature

4. Structural Glass Railing with Aluminum Top Rail

Structural glass railing, one of the most popular railing system designs of this decade, is often selected for its unmatched sightlines.  The aluminum top rail gives this style some added flair while also serving a rather necessary and functional purpose:  to keep glass panels straight and properly aligned. 

Pictured:  Structural Glass Railing with Aluminum Base Shoe and Top Rail

When you select railing for your project, you're not only selecting the ultimate finishing touch that will punctuate the facade of your grand design, you're selecting a true life-safety product that will stand the test of time. 

No matter which one-of-a-kind system you choose, you'll have peace of mind knowing that a railing manufacturer like Kane Innovations will always ensure your vision is a safe one that complies with all building codes.  

For design assistance on your next custom project, reach out to us today.